Thursday, February 19, 2009

Horrific: 1st Pic of Rihanna's Face!

Okay, so there's not much to say... Everyone knows about what's been going on between Chris and Rihanna, if not click on the tag "Celebrity Incidents" which is to right underneath this post to educate yourself. My only words are poor Rihanna.


  1. omg!!!! Chris brown is a fucking animal!!!! Poor riri and it's really her too, and you can see the bite mArks

  2. YIKES, this picture has taken this to a whole nother level

  3. WOW, Things just took a turn for the worse, if there was any chance of him turning things around, they just died with this picture...smh

  4. i fail to see any bite marks. oh poor ri-ri i hope this doesnt disfigure her beauty - chris b is now a walking dead mean - best believe... there will be a lot of ri-ri fans wanting to whoop his ass when he comes out from hiding. only prosecution & JAIL can save him now.

    damn the system is this boy uses his celebrity status to escape the legal consequences of his actions.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!
    This is soooooo crazy, poor Rihanna!!!!!
    Hope she will recover without scars.

    Hope everything is ok with you F&F

  6. what a big nose!!DAMN!


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