Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ne-Yo Adds 2 Cents on Rihanna, Chris Brown Story + Interveiw with DJ Skee

Ne-Yo had a couple of interesting things to say about the Rihanna and Chris Brown fiasco, He spoke to MTV saying:

"I saw the picture," he said solemnly. "That just really — that hurt me to my heart, man. Again, I still don't know what happened, 'cause I haven't had the opportunity to talk to Chris yet. But to take it to that level really hurt my heart. All I can say is, I'm praying for both of them. They're both in my prayers. I haven't had a chance to talk to Chris yet. I just wanna sit down and talk to that dude and just explain if he doesn't understand: 'That's not something that's excusable, bruh. You have to get a little smarter about whatever it is going on in your relationship. You have to get a little smarter about how you handle certain situations.' " -MTV news

DJ Skee interviewed Ne-Yo and he talks Chris Brown, music, rumors on blog sites, drama, women, being underappreciated, the Grammys, and more on the KIISFM.com 102.7.

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