Friday, March 20, 2009

Dawn Richard Does "Vibe" Magazine

Check out this hot picture of Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard on the March/April issue of "Vibe Magazine".
Check out Dawn on Myspace and twitter to keep up with her current affairs.

Dawn Richard|Myspace|Twitter


  1. her face looks disgusting, she looks like a horrse

  2. Her face is beautiful, and so is her body. Haters make her greater. Keep it up. LOL. Or, better yet... post YOUR picture. (Now, that should be funny...).

  3. Why are there two anonymous commenters bickering with one another?
    That's too funny!

    Back to Dawn...I think she looks. The angle of her face is not all that great, but anyone that has seen her knows she is a cute girl and she has a good heart. I think if she is persuing a solo career, she'd do well.

  4. *I think she looks good....

  5. she needs to work on her face for photoshoots. but other than that her body is fab!

  6. Dawn looks nice and I'm sure she love the haters...she is the future and her voice is mad serious and different I would byt her album


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