Friday, March 20, 2009

Suspenders and Hats

Pussycat Dolls get their tuxedo swag on at a recent photoshoot with "Live Magazine".
2nd on the right is really hot, the rest are just trying too hard


  1. I used to like them. Don't care anymore.

  2. they all look the same to me. their songs are not catchy are more. i think their 15mins of fame is up!

    p.s. just like sugarr - no body cares anymore!

  3. i love pcd...they went wrong by adding nicoles solo tracks to the album tho. i mean they all leaked as potential album tracks for her solo project then landed on the pcd album, why?? and they should of brought a new swag-fresh style...dress up a little more, somethin really different and classy. it's the second album ya know? this photo above doesn't do them any justice to how truely beautiful they really are..

    Jai Ho is making moves so hopefully this changes the swag of the album's re-release.

    I think they all need more solos .. Melody has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard Nicole is my girl no doubt Ashley is cute as a button, Kim is my rock chick, and Jess is an awesome energy vocalist...

    They could of brought it big time! Why is Robin slackin on them?


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