Sunday, March 29, 2009

F&F Mini Round-up:Keyshia Cole New Single "Trust" //PCD Pro7 Ad//Christina Aguilera Jewelry Ad//Britney is Loosing it!

Check out this ad The Pussycat Dolls did for "Pro7" (German TV Station). The ad features "Taking Over The World" a song from their "Doll Domination" album but in the chorus replaces "Taking Over The World" with "We Love To Entertain You", The Networks Slogan. I love it, the clip looks amazing, very reminiscent of Danity Kane's "Damaged" video, but on a higher budget, all the same, still hot.

It was confirmed yesterday via her Myspace page that, "Trust" the duet with Monica, will be the third single off Keyshia Cole's latest album "A Different Me". I'll "A Different Me" a -1 out of 10, the album was terrible, I didn't enjoy it one bit, but "Trust" was one of the better songs on the record. So this is good.

Check out this ad campaign for jeweler Stephen Webster, featuring Christina Aguilera. She looks younger, I like it.

During her "Circus" tour in Washignton on Tuesday night, Britney Spears wished her fans a "Merry Christmas". Go to mark 0:50, Is she okay? lol.

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