Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW VIDEO|Ginuwine-Last Chance

Check out the music video for Ginuines new single "Last Chance, taking from his forthcoming album "A Mans Thoughts", which comes out June 2nd.

I like it, he got his dance on in the video, which wasnt too bad, he is 33 and could give Chris Brown a run for his money (Maybe not lol), look out for cameo appearances from Lisa Raye and Tyreese


  1. Aahhhhhh he's back!
    Real R&B is making a comeback!
    WOO HOO!
    Ok, i'm calm

  2. ...don't like this song yet; maybe it's a grow-er

  3. whohoooooooooooo...!OMG! Only words i can say:-)))

  4. look at the choreo... it looks like a jabbawockeez choreo, interesting because at the very end of the video, the guy on the left of ginuwine did a move jabba did!


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