Thursday, March 05, 2009

NEW VIDEO|Tiziano Ferro & Kelly Rowland - Breathe Gentle

"Breathe Gentle" is the new single from Italian pop singer "Tiziano Ferro" which features Kelly Rowland. "Breathe Gentle" is the third single from Tiziano's fourth studio album, "Alla Mia Età"

I posted this song when it first came out, I really liked it then. His voice is so reminiscent of John Legends, its amazing how similar they both sound. As for the video, Its great, Kelly looks absolutely breathtaking, one of the best I've ever seen her look. I really cant wait for her new album, I need it as soon as, This can just about hold me down.

Random: I don't know if its intentional, Kelly making music with all these foreign artists, whatever it is, its a great career move, because shes gaining new fans, so when time comes for her own album, she'll have twice as much fans.

UPDATE|Check out a new song from Kelly did with "David Guetta" (a French DJ) titled "Love Takes over". Its a couple of weeks old, I was actually waiting for the proper version to leak, but I might as well. Check it out on YouTube


  1. I like this song! He does sound like John Legend. I can't wait til Kelly's album drops. This is a good look for her.

  2. I am very happy for Kelly Rowland, I love both her new songs and videos, Breath Gentle and Loves Takes Over. Also, Tiziano Ferro is a very talented singer as well. Kelly going Europe was a great move on her part. God Bless.


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