Sunday, March 08, 2009

News: Oprah Weighs in on Chris Brown & Rihanna

Oprah, the talk show diva, along with her friends Gayle King, Tyler Perry and others. weighed in on the situation. What they said was very true, "If he hits you once, he WILL hit you again." Hopefully Rihanna learns from this, and doesn't go back like the major sources reported she has. I'm really getting sick of this whole thing though.


  1. I wanted Oprah to stop calling her REE-HAN-A! No H sound Oprah! But I am tired of the Chrihanna stories.

  2. I'm tired of the stories too, Rihanna better watch this and try and make sence out of it because they were all right. We are humans and we make mistakes and Chris is no exception, but we also need time to think about our actions and try and be better people.

  3. i hate chris brown with a passion. I want to jump his ass when he comes back to va. Rihanna wake up and stop being stupid.

  4. I am soooooooooo sick of this chrianna thing....people act as if she isnt human...damn when I got my ass whipped I didnt see it posted everywhere....shes just like us so why are people surprise that she can get her ass whipped too....

    There is nothing different about famous people...the steal, abuse, lie, cheat,and hate just LIKE US>>>


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