Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rihanna's People Are Not Happy About Reconciliation

Rihanna may have spent the weekend in Miami with Chris Brown, but her family isn't quite ready for the tumultuous couple to reunite.

"Everyone wants them to take a break, to cool off," a relative of Rihanna tells PEOPLE after the pair returned to Los Angeles together early Monday morning. "No one wants them back together."

Family thought that the relationship was over after Brown allegedly battered Rihanna on Feb. 8. The couple went their own ways for awhile – he went home, while she recuperated in Barbados and Mexico – but the separation was short-lived.

The pair reunited in Miami last weekend, spending time at the Star Island mansion of Sean "Diddy" Combs. A source close to the couple told PEOPLE that the couple was "definitely together" and working on a reconciliation.

"I'm concerned," continues the relative. "I don't want her to make a mistake, and I don't want her to ever go through his again."

But the entire trip wasn't devoted to the relationship. While in Miami, Brown did some recording at a studio designed by Lenny Kravitz located in the Setai hotel. "He was here to record," a source told PEOPLE. He also spent some time Jet skiing at the beach.

The couple left Miami early Monday morning on the same plane, arriving in Southern California.



  1. she is stupid. they are both playing us. this is all a big act. chris and rihanna love all of the attention that its bringing to them. But they are officially gone in my book. They are invisible to me and millions of other people to. I hate them both.

  2. at jonnyhco - i COMPLETELY agree with you. if this was one ridiculous publicity stunt... then i regret ever knowing them

  3. she is so stupid its not even funny. She should of set a example for young girls around the world and left Chris Brown alone. Now girl are goin to think that its okay for there men to beat because they love them. Both of them are losers............................. Hope he beats her ass again....... cant wait.... that what happen when good girls want to be bad......

  4. i've said it before, i'll say it again, "people, please get a hold of yourselves!!!!!!!" i see no reason y anyone would take dis Chris Brown/Rihana case personal!!!! If u r having issues with ur man beating u, or beating someone u know, sort it out with d parties involved & don't project ur personal frustrations to d whole world!!!!! Yeah, am maybe being insensitive, but i've just about had it with everyone playing God.


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