Friday, April 03, 2009

Tempers Flare on "Making The Band"

It all kicked off on yesterdays episode of "Making The Band". Que and Brian from Day26 almost got into a fist fight, which saw both of them being physically retrained.

Poor Que, Brian would have ripped him to pieces, but I'm happy he stood his ground, he had a "I know you'll hurt me, but I'm not gonna go down without a good fight" attitude, which is always good. But I can just imagine this whole thing being scripted, its great publicity isn't it, the album is due out in a couple of weeks (April 14th), so why the hell not.


  1. Mannnn I wish they'd just get rid of Que.
    Dude has issues.
    Always kicking something off and blaming it on everyone for himself.
    Everything was cool til Dawn started putting that bug in his ear.
    How are you gonna tell him about his group and you no longer have one?
    Then again...why are you even there?!

    Ok...i'm done ranting.

  2. I am so sick of Que! I'm really starting to think it's either substance abuse or mental issues causing him to be constantly paranoid and acting out the way he does. And I agree Dawn is not helping matters at all! Danity Kane was left in shambles and I'm not saying it was her fault alone, but she's the last person I'd be taking any advice on when it came to my group and career.


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