Thursday, May 07, 2009

Beyonce's May "Marie Claire" Spread

Beyonce is on the latest issue of "Marie Claire" Magazine, check out some photos from her 10 page spread below

I like the pictures, especially the first one where it says "She is Legend". Check out an exert from the interview below:

On a bright Friday morning in lower Manhattan, BeyoncĂ© Knowles is dining in a back room of the haute sushi mecca Nobu, which opened early at her request. "I was in bed literally 20 minutes ago," she tells me with a husky, homey laugh. BeyoncĂ© is mostly unadorned—the only jewelry she wears are large leaf-thin filigree earrings that sway lightly beneath a wall of hair. But when she takes her chopsticks and lifts a hunk of sashimi to her lips, I catch a glimpse of some sort of black lettering on the silver acrylic nails on her left hand.-Read More


  1. Looks great as usual...and I get what ur saying abt the first 1...she looks really good in that 1 especially.

  2. d cover is nice

    Although i don't believe dat caption abt her preferring to b in bed with Jay-Z instead. daz just publicity & assuming Jay-Z will actually b in d bed! those 2 seem 2 b promoting one thing or d other, am surprised they find time together! oh well, they've been together so long, they'd probably got their winning formula worked out 4 such times

  3. & isn't it funny dat Beyonce now talks abt her marriage!!!!! I mean, she's legendary 4 keeping so tight-lipped abt that relationship! what d change?

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