Friday, May 08, 2009

Xposed: Cassie's Nude Photos Part 2

So yesterday some nude photos of Cassie leaked unto the internet, exposing her breasts. Today another photo of the singer leaked, this time revealing her jayjay's lol.

Now I'm not going to give you guys the LINK to the picture (an anonymous commenter will post it in the comments section), They are already on my case about the other photos I posted, so I better not pee them off.


  1. got the cease and desist too!? ...that shit is hilarity they trying to act like her ass don't need the attention

  2. man bump cassie she cant sale records..let alone a single!! she's doin it for the hype..

  3. LOL I know! They need to shit down with that foolishness. She needs all and any promo she can get, ain't no one told her to go and take pictures with her legs spread wise open


  4. emmm no offence to cassie but freshand fab has been very very up to date in giving me celebrity gists and news so I just wanted to bless those who has not see the pic with the link.......

  5. well so what...they like to take nude pics. Whats wrong with society...cos they are famous they cant get


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