Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cassie on Set of "Must Be Love" Video

Peep some footage of Cassie on the set of her new music video for new single "Must Be Love" Featuring Diddy.

I'm scared to do another post about Cassie, got a very harsh email the other day about the pictures. Anyway she needs the promo, so I'll do her a favor. First things first, I hate the hair, it looks deformed. It makes her look ugly, not working at all, they need to grow it back. 2nd thing, Diddy needs to STOP appearing on his artist's music, I think if anything, He is the one hindering sales, so let it end here!


  1. didn't day26 record this as a bonus for their first album? why are they recycling bad boy artist tracks?? i mean i love this version too, but wsup with that really?

  2. I've said that so many times.
    Why in theeeee world does he have to
    be on their songs AND in their videos?
    We know who the folks are signed with
    must we hear your wackness and see it too?!

    OK, I'll hush

  3. Hers is cool but I liked Day 26's version better..

  4. I think you are right....she looks a mess...and diddy is always experimenting on something


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