Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Video: Beyonce-Ego

As reperted, The video for Beyonce's new single "Ego" was premiered today on her her official website, peep the video below:

The concept is almost similar to single ladies, 3 ladies and the choreography! It worked for single Ladies and it definitely works for "Ego". I wasn't really a big fan of the song at first, but the video really helps and I'm feeling the song a whole lot more now

Alternative View|Beyonceonline|DailyMotion
Download "Ego"|Here


  1. I agree...I think the video is HOT...she definitely knows how to execute and to the cat eyes and the choreography and her body is definitely on point.

  2. love it, abit boring tho, a couple of outfit changes wouldnt have hurt

  3. she copy-catted 'single girls'??? oh dear! now i know i won't watch dis Ego video if i can help it. for some reason, i honestly don't fancy her Sasha Fierce persona & maybe daz y i ddnt like enjoy watching 'Single Girls'

  4. oh, btw, d Ego poster is lovely

  5. i agree.... a couple of outfit or even background changes would have looked better. no need to shorten budget for her videos, her song sells millions, so why isnt she delivering a 5 star video? loved the song, and the performance was hot but hated the hair style, it doesnt fit beyonce.


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