Monday, June 29, 2009

Michelle Williams Various UK Appearances + New UK Single Revealed

Michelle Williams is currently in the UK to undertake her role as "Roxie Hart" in the west end production "Chicago". She was on Uk's national lottery show on Saturday and appeared on GMTV this morning, she talked about Michael Jackson, Destiny's Child, Chicago and more, peep the videos below:

National Lotttery


She looked great, I can't wait to see her as "Roxie Heart" on stage, Im sure she'll kill it. In related music news, Michelle confirmed on her twitter page that "Hello Heatrtbreak" will be the next UK single to be released next month.


  1. so glad "HH" is getting single treatment. i love that song; i wish they'd do a haute video to accompany-

  2. i hope so too but i think itll be like a download onli thing

  3. Europe is becoming a hotspot for stars who cant make it in the United States.


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