Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love or Hate: Ciara's New "Short" Hairdo

Ciara recently unveiled a new haircut on facebook, the "Love Sex Magic" singer is following the footsteps of other rnb singers by rocking a shorter haircut. She poted a couple of picture on her twitter page, check them out below:

Mehhh, It looks aight, nothing really there to scream about. I think long hair suits her better, MUCH BETTER!.


  1. I like her w/long hair, but i don't hate's cute i guess. I'm just disappointed in the way she's promoting Fantasy Ride

  2. yeah me too ! Work is still not a US single ?? OMG onbelievable ! and in the UK its not doing well either !!

    and about the hair ! NEXT !

  3. The professional shots look nice.
    I'm sure that's a wig though.
    Everybody can't rock a short style.
    Stick with the long tresses, missy.

  4. long hair is BETTER much BETTER LOL...private joke


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