Friday, July 17, 2009

Love or Hate: Rihanna Shaves Off Hair

Rihanna was spotted on the streets of NYC yesterday sporting a new look, it looks like the singer has gone for a more edgy look with her hair, peep some more shots below:

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  1. the sides look okay, but that back is ridiculous!!!!!

  2. front and side view looks hawt
    now the back view is a hot mess

  3. i love it; RiRi can do no wrong fashion wise

  4. i hatae it it is really ugly u haave should have done somthing else know i kno u could somthing better than that know please do something else thank you very much u will hopefully look better than now i hope u don't shave all youir hair off know i am goin to stop cause i was goin to say something mean but i wilkl stop just let me see with your head shave off see what will happen this is not a threat this is a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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