Friday, November 06, 2009

Rumour Alert: Toni Braxton & Husband Split! are reporting that Toni Braxton and husband of 8 years have separated: has learned that superstar singer Toni Braxton is separated from her husband Keri Lewis, formerly of Mint Condition, after 8 years of marriage. Braxton has sold 40 million albums worldwide and won six Grammy Awards.

I hope this is not true, the pair got married in 2001 and lessed with 2 kids.



  1. Hey !
    I have something to ask... Could U post Rihanna's Wait Ur Turn song please in HQ (I mean, not the one with the copyright voice at the begining, but the Music Video rip for example...) ? Thank you so much *_*

  2. did u see her kiss on stage with trez song...that lip lock was hot as if her wanted to show her hubby say she still get fire to wound am....wouldnt be suprised if that is what pushed her husband over the edge...


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