Sunday, April 06, 2008

When Did Kelly Rock This Look Better


Check this out, I saw this at Urban-Hoopla and had to post, The new Kelly Rowland album cover, its hot and all, but Havent we seen this look before? She rocked the exact same look she did for the 2007 EMA's, for her new album cover.

When did she rock this better?


  1. I like when she wore the look originally. She's giving me a vintage Donna Summers vibe on the right.

  2. hmmmmm, she looks really good in both pics, i dunno

    ild say the album cover accually

  3. I like the one on the left better.

  4. dey both look hot but the album mess looks a tad beta because its airbrushed. dont you think the dresses look different da album one looks black and da oda blueish

  5. I like the album cover... the hair down and black on black looks a lot better

  6. I'm going with the bangs and hair out. LOL on the airbrush--but yes that's right.


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